Our courses are self paced, and include journal prompts to help you apply the knowledge to your life.

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Moon Magic: Align With the Lunar Cycles

Learn about the cycles of the moon and how to harness that energy to create the life that you want to live. 

Magnetic Manifestor: A Practical Guide to Manifestation​

This course is a practical and spiritual guide for women who want to have more money, more freedom and more joy in their lives. It covers money mindset, changing beliefs and what it takes to go from poverty to riches.

Goal Setting Like A Boss

If you want to get started on effective goal setting and goal achievement, then look no further! This course will explore goal setting, focusing on different areas of a your life where goals can be applied.


Yoga 101: Beginners Guide to Starting a Yoga Practice

Are you looking to start a yoga practice but are unsure how to get started? We have created this great beginners guide for people who are looking to start practicing yoga but are feeling a little overwhelmed!

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In this course, we’ll examine Impostor Syndrome: what it is, how it can limit your possibilities, and the strategies you can use to overcome it. 

Live Your Life With Intention

In this course we will examine Intentions: what is setting an intention, how can we set an intention for ourselves, and how it can help us along the way.