Bad Bitch Academy (2)

The Bad Bitch Academy

Unleash your inner Bad Bitch, manifest more money than you know what to do with, and say OH BABY YES to more pleasure, more fun, and more abundance!

On a scale from 1-10, how much are you embodying your inner bad bitch…really?

→ What if you stopped trying to “get it right” and started taking bold, messy action to move your life in the direction of your dreams?

Aka: got over yourself & applied for that dream job, created a Bumble profile (without losing 10 pounds first), and/or jumped full force into your business!

→ What if you could express yourself freely and wildly on the internet without giving a single fuck if the haters (or your family, or highschool ex) may judge you?

→ How would it feel to twerk your worries away, finally start that Youtube Channel you’ve been talking about for YEARS, and confidently wear that sexy dress that makes your ass look like JLO?

→ Do you desire to find your zen, ignite your sensuality, and wake up feeling like a bad bitch every single day?

→ Are you ready to attract your soul mate who completely worships you, supports your goals, and makes you a priority in and out of the bedroom?

→ And what if you could do it while stressing less, dancing more, and feeling SO FUCKING TURNED ON BY YOUR LIFE?

Oh wait there’s more…

→ You want to find your baddie besties who completely adore you, are your biggest fans, and love you for all that you are?

If so, you are in the right place! We start on May 4th.

Sign up now for only $444

*** Payment Plans available: Send me a DM on Instagram @amberjfortier to discuss payment plan options. Click on the sign up button to pay in full.

Introducing The Bad Bitch Academy!

This 6 Week Group Program Includes:

  • LIVE 2 Hour Group Coaching Call on Zoom each week
  • WEEKLY Mindset Upgrade Workbooks, Meditations, Journal Prompts + More!
  • PRIVATE Bad Bitch Community on Facebook for support & accountability

This program is for you if…

You watch Youtube videos and read blogs about manifestation and creating your dream life…

…but when it comes to putting that “good advice” into practice?

You get stuck. 😫

Howwww are you gonna get from where you are now to where you want to be? 

 It’s overwhelming just thinking about it.🙃

You’re not *really* vibing with your friends anymore.  🙅🏽‍♀️

Whenever you hang out it seems like they’re gossiping, talking about celebrities, and other stuff you just don’t care about…

…you find yourself thinking, “why am I even here?  I’d rather be home curled up with my dog, doing yoga, and smoking a joint”

You have a desire to start a business but your friends aren’t supportive and you can just hear your parents saying “What about your degree?  You’re just going to throw all that away?”

It feels really scary to make moves without the support of the people around you and you SENSE how valuable it would be to have a girl gang off ambitious babes encouraging you along the way.

Consistency and taking action is HARD!

You are just going through the motions, but not LIVING LIFE. You may catch yourself saying, “I’m fine with my life”….

…When deep down you don’t want to just survive, you want to fucking THRIVE!

Ready to join the Bad Bitch Academy? Sign up below!

*** Payment Plans available: Send me a DM on Instagram @amberjfortier to discuss payment plan options. Click on the sign up button to pay in full.

I’m guessing you have some questions….

1. So…what EXACTLY happens once I sign up? How does this all work?  

GREAT question. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours inviting you into our private Facebook Group where you can connect with the other awesome babes! 

Our Facebook Community is where you will get access to all workbooks, audios, videos, and where I will upload the session recordings.

2. What exactly is expected of me once I join & how much time will I need to devote to the program?

Each week we will have a 2 hour group coaching call, and you will receive a workbook with journal prompts and a pre-recorded audio or video.

All in all you will need to devote 3-4 hours of your time a week. 

You have lifetime access to the content, so even if you miss a group call, you will be able to watch the replay, and catch up on the workbooks and assignments when you can!

3. How do the coaching sessions work?

We will meet on Zoom every week. As a group, we will vote on which days/times work best for us all.

On the calls, I will lead us through a short discussion on the topic of the week. Then we will move into hot seat coaching, where one person is in the Hot Seat, and I laser in and coach that person, while the rest of the group listens, reflects, and observes.

Ready to join the Bad Bitch Academy? Sign up below!

*** Payment Plans available: Send me a DM on Instagram @amberjfortier to discuss payment plan options. Click on the sign up button to pay in full.

Sneak Peek of the Program

Week 1: Goal Getter

Get clear on your short and long term vision for your life and/or business. This first week is all about getting clarity on what you want, why you want it, and what steps you can take to get there.

  • PLUS Live Intention Setting Ceremony to plant the seeds for your 6 week journey. 

Week 2: Embody Your Inner Bad Bitch

Discover who the woman is that you need to embody in order to manifest your dream life. How does she think, feel, act, and believe about herself?

  • PLUS Affirmations to Embody Your Inner Bad Bitch

Week 3: From Limited to Limitless

Uncover your top limiting beliefs, find where they came from, how they are affecting your life, and how we can work towards overcoming them.

  • PLUS a Powerful Sacred Release Ceremony to release your limiting beliefs and move forward without the blocks that have been holding you back and keeping you small.

Week 4: Align Your Life

This call is all about structure and organization. We will define your values, priorities, and plan your day effectively. This session is about balancing your feminine and masculine energy so you are making progress in your goals in a state of flow.

  • PLUS Morning Meditation For a Bomb Ass Day

Week 5: Radical Self Love

Self love is KEY and on this call we are diving deep into how can you have more self love, how you talk to yourself, and how do you celebrate yourself.

  • PLUS Self Love Jar Activity & Guided Hypnosis for truly loving everything about yourself.

Week 6: Reflect & Celebrate

We will reflect on how you have grown and evolved over the last 6 weeks and celebrate you for how far you have come!

  • PLUS Intuitive Dance Celebration

Join the Bad Bitch Academy 6 Week Group Coaching Program Today

For Only $444!

*** Payment Plans available: Send me a DM on Instagram @amberjfortier to discuss payment plan options. Click on the sign up button to pay in full.

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