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The Ultimate Community for Spiritual & Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

Effortlessly manifest opportunities and embody the rich, confident, and wildly successful version of YOURSELF!

Ready to manifest money, success, and freedom into your life and business?

Join us for a livestream or on-demand class and watch your business, brand presence, and bank account transform as you step into your power and embody the successful CEO you truly are!

We have just the thing for you

The Embody Me community is for the woman who is ready to:

Business Support

Get the support you need to confidently grow your business into a “pinch me am I really getting paid for this?!” business you are OBSESSED WITH!

Mindset, Mindfulness, & Spirituality

YOU are the most important part of your business, so it’s time to prioritize yourself and focus on your well being.

Embody Me Transformations!

Angela Hope


I manifested $1,400 2 days after an EFT Tapping class for miracles with Amber!!! She is knowledgeable, so pleasant and has a soothing and calm demeanor which helps you focus and relax in her classes.

In every class I’ve taken, I’ve been able to release the limiting belief that I am not worthy of wealth or success! The variety of classes offered through Embody Me are unique and focus solely on your needs. I love being a part of this community.

Within the first week these classes have helped me feel more connected with myself. There's a focus on the mind like I’ve never experienced before. It’s challenging yet rewarding, and has helped me embody the belief that I am worthy of everything I desire.

The classes, the people, and the courses are incredible!! If you are looking for a place to grow as an individual, change your mindset about health and fitness, and/or want to learn more about spirituality this is the company for you! Highly highly recommend this company to anyone!

Brooklyn Cassel

Social Media Strategist

Here's what you can expect when you join Embody Me!

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Choose the Membership That's Right For You!

Become one of our first 50 members for the exclusive founders price of $20 a month instead of $50/month!

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Courses, Training & Sessions Inside Embody Me

Dive Into Our On Demand Series

Each series includes a Masterclass with a guest expert, Yoga, Meditation, EFT Tapping, Journaling class, and more!  

  • Find balance in work and life
  • Manifest the business of your dreams
  • Embody your highest self
  • Awaken your confidence
  • Step out of fear and reclaim your life
  • Become a magnet to wealth
  • The balanced soul: Thrive by balancing your feminine and masculine energy
  • Unwinding anxiety
  • Shine Bright & Step into your power

Yoga Classes

These aren’t your typical yoga classes. We guide you through soul-aligned flows where you will tap into your inner confidence, balance your chakras, and connect with your divine femininity. 

Join us for a LIVE class or choose from a collection of pre-recorded classes to watch at your own convenience. 

Guided Meditations and Visualizations

These Meditations are POWERFUL, empowering, and supportive to your growth + expansion!

Our live and pre-recorded classes are ranging from 10 – 45 mins so you can easily add them into your daily routine.

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is one of our favorite on-the-go tools to introduce positive affirmations into your energetic field and shift your emotions. This powerful class will leave you feeling high vibe and ready to take on the world.

Upcoming EFT Classes:

  • Realizing Your Worth
  • Being Authentically You
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Being Your Own Cheerleader
  • Igniting Your Inner Bad Bitch
  • Boldly Stepping Into Your Power

Intuitive Dance

Embrace your inner goddess by experiencing an invigorating intuitive dance class, to embody your inner radiant self.

It’s one of the best and most enjoyable methods of transmuting negative energy and releasing emotional blocks, and don’t worry, you don’t need to know ‘how to dance’. These classes are a safe space to dance like nobody’s watching, and give yourself permission to move freely, however that may look.

Moon Ceremonies and Women Circles

Every Month we host New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies! Manifesting with the cycles of the moon is one of the simplest and easiest ways to attract opportunities, money, and success into your business.

Our members have experienced deep healing + profound inner shifts – leading them to manifesting sudden business growth and embodying their Highest Potential!

Personal Growth & Business Success

Keep yourself energetically aligned with your business and hold yourself accountable by joining us as we set our intentions for the week, reflect on the previous month, and set goals for the upcoming month.

Get ready to turn your spiritual practices into a lifestyle and massively transform your business, brand presence, and bank account!

Embody Me Testimonials

Kaylin Daniels

Digital Marketer

I feel so lucky to have found Embody Me! There are so many different classes that I never even heard of, like EFT tapping, doing something so simple feels so relieving. I love that I can do strength exercises one day and then wind down with yin yoga the next.

It's easy to connect with the instructors and this is a community. I've manifested mental clarity and confidence, and I’ve been able to let go of stress and lethargy since joining Embody Me. I truly feel honored to be a part of this community.

I have had such an amazing experience with Embody Me. There is such a big variety of classes and the teachers are amazing. I feel a lot better and more relaxed after each class. It is such a great way to start off the day and bring the energy of abundance into the day.

Daniella Guerra

Family Owned Bakery

Meet The Team​

You’ll be taken care of by soul driven entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting the community and sharing our methods and wellness techniques that have supported us on our own personal journeys of success and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to fully step into your power and embody the wildly successful CEO that you truly are?

Our team is so excited to be on this journey with you, and we are here to support you. We designed our classes to help you level up, reach your goals, and embody the successful version of yourself. 

Total Value = $125/month (Actually, its ALOT more)

Your Monthly Price After Your Trial
Only $20!

Choose the Membership That's Right For You!

Become one of our first 50 members for the exclusive founders price of $20 a month instead of $50/month!

Monthly Membership



6 Month Membership



Sign up for a 6 month membership and get

1 Month FREE

Check Out Our Schedule For The Week

Meet Embody Me Founder Amber Fortier!

I am a free spirited Aquarius who helps busy female entrepreneurs create a prosperous mindset + spiritual practices to support their thriving business.

I wasn’t always high vibe and confident. I spent years people pleasing, dimming my light, and living for others’ expectations of me. I wasn’t happy with my body, I was always stressed out, and I felt like I wasn’t making any progress on my goals and dreams.

A friend took me to my first yoga class, and instantly I fell in love.

When I started practicing yoga everything changed

I learned that yoga was more than a physical practice, and once I started to integrate my learnings in my day to day, my life completely changed.

Over the past few years, I have seen how practicing yoga has positively changed my life. From my ways of thinking, the way I see the world, and the way I understand myself. I know that yoga is far more than just the physical practice, but yoga is my lifestyle.

The past two years I have been OBSESSED with all things yoga, personal development, and manifestation.

I have used my learnings to completely transform my mindset, my business, and my life. I have been able to travel the world, attract incredible opportunities to me, and fully embody the best version of myself.

Now my purpose has grown WAY beyond just changing my life.

I believe I was put here on this planet to make a massive difference and teach other female entrepreneurs the importance of self care and spirituality so that they can create a wildly successful business that feels good on the inside and out.  

This membership is for the ambitious, success-driven woman who is ready to

Happy Faces of Happy Students

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Get started with seven days of unlimited classes! We encourage you to try as many classes and get to know our incredible team!

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