Personalized EFT Tapping Session

Personalized EFT Tapping Session

In this 45 Minute session we will identify one major limiting belief / block that you are facing that is holding you back in your business or life.

We will use EFT Tapping to eradicate that belief so that you can clear the negative emotions and move forward with an upgraded mindset.


**You will be sent a payment request once you schedule a call. This will need to be paid before your appointment.


A Little Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Amber Fortier, the founder and CEO of Embody Me, the ultimate online community for spiritual and ambitious entrepreneurs.

I am a free spirited Aquarius who helps busy female entrepreneurs transform their mindset and confidently stand in their power so they can manifest money into their business!

I have started and ran multiple online businesses and it is my passion to empower women to fearlessly go after their goals and manifest the life of their dreams.

Building a successful business doesn’t have to be hard. Once you discover the woman you must become in order to manifest the success you want, the rest becomes a breeze!

If you’re ready to take your business and life to the next level, this program is for you!