Intuition or Anxiety? How to Know If It’s Your Ego or Higher Self

Have you ever had a gut feeling telling you to do/not to do something...but you aren't sure if it is your ego or your higher self? In this weeks Youtube video, I explain what your intuition is, and how to know when it is communicating with you!

What is intuition?

Your intuition is your way of knowing something, without any logical reason for knowing. I like to think of my intuition as the way my higher self and the Universe communicates with me. I am sure there has been a moment in your life, when you has a feeling that you should do something, or stay away from something but you had no logical reason for feeling that way. Good chances are, that was your intuition!

In my Youtube video, I gave the example of how my intuition led me to sell all of my stuff, and book a one way ticket to New Zealand. At first, I thought I was crazy! Why should I go to New Zealand? What will I do while I am there? Then my ego kicked in! But you don’t know anyone there? What if you get kidnapped? What if you run out of money and end up homeless, on the streets, in a foreign country?

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Thankfully, I followed my intuition and I went. Little did I know I would meet my husband while I was there, which completely changed the trajectory of my entire life! Thank goodness I followed this intuitive nudge!

Ego or Intuition?

Determining if it is your ego or intuition, can be quite simple! I like to describe my intuition as calm, collected, and relaxed. Whereas your ego can be chaotic, axious, and uncertain.

To easily understand this analogy, let me use an example. Let’s say you have boarded a flight, and all of a sudden you have this feeling of “I need to get the FUCK OFF THIS PLANE.” Here is how to tell if it is your ego, or your intuition.

Let’s say that when you were a child, you went on a plane, and there was turbulence, and from that point forward you have always been afraid of flying. In this situation, your fear is probably your ego. You had a past experience that causes you to have negative emotions around flying.

On the flip side, if you fly often and you love traveling, but all of a sudden you have the urge to get off the plane, it is more likely to be your intuition.

Another way to know if it is your ego or intuition, is to just ask yourself! I like to take 10 deep breathes, and ask myself, “Is this my intuition guiding me, or my ego trying to protect me?” By simply asking myself this question, I am always guided towards the correct answer.

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