How to Manifest Fast! Become An Instant Magnet to Your Desires

Want to learn how to manifest money, love, success, happiness, or anything your heart desires? In this video, I give you a little secret about how to be an instant magnet to your desires!

Become a magnet to your desires

The secret to becoming a magnet to your desires, is so simple! You have to show gratitude!! Gratitude is the best attitude, and when you you show gratitude you are thanking the universe for bringing all of your desires your way.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what you are imagining in your head. When you take the time to show gratitude for what you are manifesting, you are signaling to your subconscious mind that you already have it. When you do this, you give off the vibrations that you have what you desire, which then attracts more of it to you!

Show Appreciation

Let’s take the example of a child receiving a gift. If you give a child a gift, and they unwrap it and are so grateful for it it makes you really happy and it makes you want to give them more gifts! You know you are appreciated, and that they will take care of the gift, and love it, and have fun with it!

On the other hand, if you give a child a gift, and they complain “But becky has a better one 😭” and they don’t appreciate it, you won’t want to give them more gifts!

Daily dose of gratitude

We want to make sure that we show gratitude for EVERYTHING! Every morning, I go on a gratitude rampage! I start off my listing all of the small things I am grateful for, my hair, my skin, my smile, my life, etc. Then I start working my way up, showing gratitude for my husband, my family, apartment, business, etc.

Then I start to show gratitude for the things I am manifesting. This part is KEY because as I said, your brain doesn’t know the difference between the things you have and the things you desire when you are showing gratitude!

I will show my gratitude for my dream home, and a million dollar business, and my soulmate best friends, and I will go on and on! I do this for about 2 minutes every morning, and let me tell you….it feels so good!

It is such a great way to raise your vibration and tap into the feelings of gratitude on a daily basis!

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