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Get Clarity on Your Vision for 2022 | How to Set Goals in Your Life

Do you feel like you need more clarity in your life? If you don't know what you want in life, this video is for you! It is important to ask yourself the right questions so that you can start to get clarity around the vision you want in your life.

Do you ever feel confused about what goals you want to achieve in your life? Then this week’s YouTube video is for you. I talked all about getting clarity on your vision and why it’s so important to.

When I work with my one-on-one clients, the first thing I ask them to do is get crystal clear on their vision. However, I don’t want you to dream small. I often notice a lot of my clients don’t give themselves enough room to dream. When manifesting there’s no time to worry about how you’re going to get there, you just need to get clear on what that goal is. 

When creating your vision, it’s important to look at all aspects of your life – your career or business, personal growth, relationships, finances, living situation, and hobbies.

Once you have your vision and you decide kind of what you want your life to look like, say over a 10-year span, I want you to start breaking it up. Start going down to 5 years and decide which things you want in these next 5 years that will in turn help you reach those 10-year goals and so on. By doing this, you’re able to start realizing the smaller steps you need to take and get specific on the details of your vision. 

They key here is to just start thinking about it in detail. If you just throw the idea around and never take it seriously, 10 years are going to pass and you’re going to be upset you never took the time to really understand your vision. 

Now is the time to start getting clear on your vision!

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