Corporate Wellness

Customized Employee Wellness Programs​

Embody Me offers a wide range of options for creating a wellness program that is as unique as your Company is.

Why Employee Wellness?

An employee wellness program is an initiative put in place by management in order to promote health and wellbeing to their employees.

With the rise of stress, uncertainty, and unhealthy behaviors, many corporations are implementing a wellness program into the workplace to aid in their employees wellbeing.

Our Approach

Wellness Assessments

We provide health and well-being assessments to determine what your staff needs and how we can provide value.

Customized Classes

Classes specifically designed to help employees with stress management, weight loss, stress release


We give employees flexibility and options on their journey to wellness and health

Boost Morale

Boost company morale with group activities to keep the team connected, even though you may be physically apart.

Families Are Welcome

Employee’s spouses and children are included: We believe that families that are active together are great motivators and supporters of the greater goal.

Fun & Engaging

Our classes are fun and engaging! Let’s be real – your wellness program only works if people actually participate in it!

Our Solution​​

We know there is no one size fits all solution for your business OR employees, and we offer flexible options and a wide variety of classes for your specific needs.


We offer over 15 styles of yoga ranging from chair yoga, yoga for relaxation and stress relief, power yoga, lunchtime flows, stretching classes and so much more!


Yoga isn’t for everyone and we cater to the fitness junkies! With HIIT Trainings, Pilates, Zumba, and Total Body Bootcamps your employees are going to get into shape and have fun doing so!


Find your zen, quiet your mind, and find inner peace with our meditation classes. Meditation classes focused on stress relief and anxiety can be extremely beneficial for those with more stress at the desk!

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- Roxanne T.

HR Growth Tribe

Wellness Workshops

All workshops are currently available as virtual events designed for COVID-19 times to empower and educate your employees as they work from home.

Stress Reduction Workshops

Identify your personal stress triggers, and learn practical tools for eliminating the feeling of stress while creating a better work life balance.

Emotional Wellbeing

We discuss the importance of self-care and help participants take an overview of their personal well being across four dimensions; thoughts, feelings, physical and behaviour.

Mindset for Success

Learn how to quickly shift out of a fixed mindset into a growth mindset to invite greater creativity, inspiration, innovative ideas, joy and success into your life.

Financial Guidance

Walk away from the “one-size fits all” budgeting advice. Use proven economic behavioral tricks and action steps to help you control your spending, set realistic financial goals that build upon each other, and make sure your pyramid can weather the sands of time.

Healthy Food Demonstrations

Our nutritionists demonstrate how to create healthy meals and snacks to bring to the office. Enjoy learning how to put the food together and sampling the food at the end.

Vision & Goal Setting

Do a vision exercise to gain clarity on your dream life. Create goals for your career, relationships, finances, health, and work life balance, and break them down with a Mind Map.

Why Embody Me

We stand out in the industry by offering businesses flexible, customized, and virtual wellness solutions that their employees are excited to partake in. 

What You Get

We make wellness easy by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Our program structure incorporates strategies to design, implement and manage a successful wellness program that your employees will love! 

Bring Wellness Into Your Workplace!

Are you ready to implement the most versatile virtual employee wellness program imaginable? I would love to connect with you and understand your business and employees needs in further detail.

Let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your companies and employees needs.