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The Bad Bitch

This 6 week group coaching program is you + me + an intimate group of bad bitches leveling up our lives, creating abundance, & making BIG moves.

Unleash your inner Bad Bitch, manifest more money than you know what to do with, and say OH BABY YES to more pleasure, more fun, and more abundance!

On a scale from 1-10, how much are you embodying your inner bad bitch…really?

If so, you are in the right place!

Join the next round of Bad Bitch Academy Starting May 15th!

Introducing The Bad Bitch Academy!

Introducing The Bad Bitch Academy!

This 6 Week Group Program Includes:

SIX - 2 Hour Group Coaching Calls on Zoom
WEEKLY Mindset Upgrade Workbooks
PRIVATE Bad Bitch Community on Facebook

Sneak Peek of the Program

Week 1: Goal Getter

Get clear on your short and long term vision for your life and business

PLUS Live Intention Setting Ceremony to plant the seeds for your 6 week journey. 

Week 2: Embody Your Inner Bad Bitch

Discover who the woman is that you need to embody in order to manifest your dream life. 

PLUS Affirmations to Embody Your Inner Bad Bitch

Week 3: From Limited to Limitless

Uncover your top limiting beliefs, find where they came from, how they are affecting your life, and how we can work towards overcoming them.

PLUS Sacred Release Ceremony

Week 4: Pretty Girl Paycheck

This call is all about manifesting and managing your money so you can reach your financial goals!

PLUS Exotic Dance to Attract Wealth & Abundance

Week 5: Radical Self Love

Self love is KEY and on this call we are diving deep into how can you have more self love, how do you talk to yourself, and how do you celebrate yourself.

PLUS Self Love Jar Activity & Guided Hypnosis

Week 6: Reflect & Celebrate

We will reflect on how you have grown and evolved over the last 6 weeks and celebrate you for how far you have come!

PLUS Intuitive Dance Celebration

Join the Bad Bitch Academy 6 Week Group Coaching Program Today for Only $444!

I'm guessing you have some questions….

Most frequent questions and answers

GREAT question. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours inviting you into our private Facebook Group where you can connect with the other awesome babes! 

Our Facebook Community is where you will get access to all workbooks, audios, videos, and where I will upload the session recordings.

Each week we will have a 2 hour group coaching call, and you will receive a workbook with journal prompts and a pre-recorded audio or video.

All in all you will need to devote 3-4 hours of your time a week. 

You have lifetime access to the content, so even if you miss a group call, you will be able to watch the replay, and catch up on the workbooks and assignments when you can!

We will meet on Zoom every week. As a group, we will vote on which days/times work best for us all.

On the calls, I will lead us through a short discussion on the topic of the week. Then we will move into hot seat coaching, where one person is in the Hot Seat, and I laser in and coach that person, while the rest of the group listens, reflects, and observes.

Bad Bitch Academy Transformations!

Angela Hope


I manifested $1,400 2 days after an EFT Tapping class for miracles with Amber!!! She is knowledgeable, so pleasant and has a soothing and calm demeanor which helps you focus and relax in her classes.

In every coaching session I’ve taken, I’ve been able to release the limiting belief that I am not worthy of wealth or success! The variety of classes offered through the Bad Bitch Academy are unique and focus solely on your needs. I love being a part of this community.

Within the first week these calls have helped me feel more connected with myself. There's a focus on the mind like I’ve never experienced before. It’s challenging yet rewarding, and has helped me embody the belief that I am worthy of everything I desire.

The classes, the people, and the courses are incredible!! If you are looking for a place to grow as an individual, change your mindset about health and fitness, and/or want to learn more about spirituality this is for you! Highly highly recommend the BBA to anyone!

Brooklyn Cassel

Social Media Strategist

Meet the Bad Bitch Academy Founder, Amber Fortier!

Hi! I’m Amber and my mission is to help women activate their divine gifts, and live up to their biggest, sexiest, and wildest potential.

I want to live in a world where women are:

–> Spending their work hours doing what they absolutely love (while drinking a mimosa)

–> Getting paid what they deserve (plus tax and shipping and handling)

–> Enjoying TF out of their life while doing so (weekly massages are a MUST!).

Although I’m young, I have been through a lot in my life ...

My childhood was really difficult. My mother died while giving birth to me, my father unexpectedly died when I was 10, and my step mom and I didn’t get along very well when I was younger.

I was also raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, so it was a very strict household, and I always felt that life was happening to me.

I never felt like I had control of my life. I never felt safe being my authentic self, so I hid. I started to become a watered down, flavorless version of who I really was. 

I always felt that I was too much – too loud, too sexy, too adventurous, too ambitious. I should just be grateful for what I have, and focus on the “important” things. Not all these materialistic dreams.

But I called it Bullshit. Deep down I knew that I was meant for something more. I knew I was meant to live an incredible life beyond anything I could ever imagine.

One day a crazy thought came into my head: I should be a stripper!

And that is when my life completely changed.

I learned that:

–> I could make A LOT of money without having to work myself into the ground.

–> I am the shit, and people will literally pay hundreds of dollars just to be around me and my energy.

–> By letting my light shine, and being my authentic self, I actually attracted more money.

–> Money is just energy, and that I could manifest as much as I wanted to. 


Fast forward 5 years...

I met, and married, the love of my life and best friend. We have traveled to over 15 countries together, and lived abroad in Amsterdam for 2 years. Now I’ve built my own coaching, yoga, and wellness business. 

Last year, we finally moved into our dream apartment in California, only steps away from the beach, and I am happier than I’ve ever been. 

I want you to know that this, and so much more is possible for you. You just need to fully embrace your inner bad bitch, and make the commitment to radically change your life!

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Bad Bitch Academy Testimonials

Kaylin Daniels

Digital Marketer

I feel so lucky to have found the BBA! There are so many different classes that I never even heard of, like EFT tapping, doing something so simple feels so relieving. I love that I can do strength exercises one day and then wind down with yin yoga the next.

It's easy to connect with Amber and this community. I've manifested mental clarity and confidence, and I’ve been able to let go of stress and lethargy since joining the BBA. I truly feel honored to be a part of this community.

I have had such an amazing experience with the BBA. I feel a lot better and more relaxed after each class. It is such a great way to start off the day and bring the energy of abundance into the day.

Daniella Guerra

Family Owned Bakery

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