About Us

Embody Me was created to help women make health, wellness, and personal development a ‘Hell Yes” rather than a “Have To”!

Our Mission is to help female entrepreneurs create a life of joy, passion, love, success, and harmony.

Running a business while also juggling family and a personal life can be tough. Now add in eating right, exercising and managing your emotional wellness. 

Trying to do it all can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. But staying healthy is vital to running a successful business. When you take care of yourself, you can work smarter, better and more intentionally. 


If you want to be the best leader, employer, founder, parent, or partner you can be, you must take time for yourself!

It is important for founders on this entrepreneurial journey to understand the importance of taking care of their mental and emotional health as being healthy means being more productive and effective in both their work and personal lives and it delivers long term gains.

By making time for self care, you make yourself a better person, and a better entrepreneur. You have the power to show up as your best self, but you have to make self care a priority, and focus on yourself first.

You can live a life full of joy, love, freedom, and success and have all of your heart's desires. It only takes one step - a decision. A decision to commit to yourself and grow into the best version of yourself.
-Amber Fortier

Are you ready to fully step into your power and embody the woman that you are meant to be?

Our team is so excited to be on this journey with you, and we are here to support you. We designed our classes to help you level up, reach your goals, and embody the successful version of yourself. 

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness includes eating healthy, doing yoga and exercising, meditating, and taking care of your mental health. We're here to make prioritizing your health fun and easy!

Personal Growth

Our personal development classes are there to help you grow into the best version of yourself, so that you can show up as your best self for yourself, and your business.


Spirituality is about connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Tap into your heart space by learning to incorporate spiritual practices into your life that make you feel good.


The Embody Me community is a space to share your insights, open up conversations, share your recipes, encourage each other and connect. It’s the power of this community that can truly lift you up, as you inspire and empower each other!

Meet The Team​​

Our certified instructors are carefully chosen and have over 10,000 hours of experience behind them. We are committed to providing expert instruction, motivation, and support to help you grow and achieve all of your fitness and wellness goals.

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Get started with seven days of unlimited classes! We encourage you to try as many classes and get to know our incredible team!