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5 Simple Ways to Gain Self Confidence

In this video I talk about how to build confidence. Building confidence can be simple and in this video I give you a few simple things you can do that will build up your confidence and self esteem.

In this week’s YouTube video, I talked all about gaining confidence. Whether you’re lacking confidence in yourself, your career, or your relationships this video was made for you!

Having confidence can be a really tricky subject because there’s so many factors that can cause us to lack confidence. However, I want you to know that confidence lies within you. You have everything you need to be that insanely confident person.

Start by listing off a few things you love about yourself. This could be your physical appearance, your energy, your personality, your knowledge, or your heart. Nothing is off the table here, go crazy. I know hyping yourself up might feel a bit strange, but you really need to dig deep to start realizing why you should be confident.

Then, start addressing the things that you’re not really enjoying about yourself. I recommend making a list with two columns. On one side, list the things that you’re not very confident in, and on the other side start thinking about how you can overcome or change them. We need to realize that we can take action and change something, and we need to stop giving up our power. You can choose to be this elevated version of yourself and start making changes where you need. 

I would then recommend that you start to take note as to where this lack of confidence stems from. Is it when you’re with certain people? Is it when you’re in a specific place? Or is it when you’re doing certain things? This can give you a huge clue as to where your confidence is getting harmed.

As we get older, we start hating the idea that we might not be that great at things. As a kid we were fine with having a lack of knowledge in certain areas, and we didn’t do much to change them. But as adults, we can now take action in those areas where we lack confidence. Start by practicing something you’re not very good at or making small changes in your life that will then turn into confidence in that area of your life.

Another way to gain confidence, is to take care of yourself. Whatever makes you feel good and excited about yourself is an essential step to this process. When we take care of ourselves, we can start showing up as the most confident version of ourselves and really start to embody who that is.

If you’re looking for more, head to my channel to learn more about being the most confident version of yourself. 

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